Hand Or Automatic Hot Melt And Gluing Applications

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Hand or Automatic Hot Melt GluingGluing Things On Or Together

We know that there are often requirements to stick things on or together. The challenge is often how to do it efficiently. At Peterborough Finishing And Mailing Services we have hand and automated gluing solutions available.

For low volume, urgent or precision gluing work

In many instances machine sticking or gluing just isn’t appropriate for a specific job i.e very tight deadlines, precision placement needed, size of label etc. Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services have the capability to complete all types of hand sticking or hand gluing to ensure that accurate and secure gluing is achieved. Example jobs include

  • Sticking seeds onto a magazine cover
  • Gluing a special lenticular cover onto the front of a box
  • Applying adhesive to Point of sale material for display

For high volume work

Our automated machines can be set up to glue seams, covers and packs, almost anything where a high volume set up is justified. machine gluing has the addvantage that where the volume makes it viable, once set up a job can be completed quickly

For more information on our hot melt or gluing service call Catherine or Katie on 01733 882564

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