Product Samples and Product Sampling.


We at PFMS are seeing more and more work coming through from brands putting product samples together, it”s a booming market in the current climate as the general public “love a bargain” and are very open to pick up samples where perhaps before they would walk away or ignore them?

The question is how do you put together your product samples, who and how to target and of course how much does this all cost, both in time and money? In our experience we”ve put together samples in quantities ranging from several thousand up too several million and have ensured the cost for putting the actual product together (hand finishing) both in time and money was kept to an absolute minimum for the client.

It”s really interesting to find out where these samples come from, pokies online who puts them together and where they end up, often it”s gifting on magazines or handed out at public events/areas, each client is aiming to deliver their brand and product to their targetted audience with the aim of increasing sales and brand awareness, but when it comes to the actual logistics of “who is going to stick 500,000 labels to the front of these things?” and “how much will it cost?” the answers often begin with a Google search or if you”re lucky you”ll have a reputable company in your little black book to call, either way it”s often a minefield of logistical planning just to get the sampling work out there and almost all of the recepients, the general public will have no idea of the deadlines, schedules, workload etc that”s gone into getting that brand and sample in their hands!

If you have any questions regards Product Sampling or any other Hand Finishing work, then please do feel free to contact us, details on this website, we”re here to help.

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