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Direct Mailing Services From Premier Finishing & Mailing Services
Direct Mailing Services From Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services

Offer relates to

  • Mailing
  • Enveloping
  • Polywrapping
  • Hand Finishing

(*excluding postage costs)

Call Catherine or Katie on 01733 882564 to find out about our limited time offer to try our services.

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Polywrapping, Enveloping, Folding and Mailing now available from Premier Finishing Services

Polywrapping, Enveloping, Folding and Mailing now available from Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services

The range of services provided by Premier Finishing Services has been further enhanced with the addition of a new range of

  • Polywrapping,
  • Enveloping,
  • Folding and
  • Mailing

“We are really excited by the purchase of the new equipment and the additional capabilities it combines with our skilled hand packing team” quoted  Director Fino Cereste.
For more information on these services contact Catherine or Katie at Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services on 01733 882564 or visit polywrapping, enveloping folding and mailing

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Multiple items as part of blondie tour pack_ blondie pack front cover

The latest packaging completed by Peterborough Finishing Services for Future Publishing is for the Blondie album and tour.  The completed packed has been seen on national television as Debbie Harrie has been on a number of prime time television chat shows over the last week, including Graham Norton and Loose Women to name 2.

The pack consisted of

  • CD
  • Postcards
  • Badges
  • Magazine
  • Pictures
  • All housed in a full colour printed card outer

A blister plastic cover had to be hand inserted into the die cut hole to hold the CD.

For more information contact Catherine or Katie at Peterborough Finishing Services on 01733 882564 or e mail . More information on the hand packing capabilities of PFMS or projects completed can be found at

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We at PFMS are seeing more and more work coming through from brands putting product samples together, it”s a booming market in the current climate as the general public “love a bargain” and are very open to pick up samples where perhaps before they would walk away or ignore them?

The question is how do you put together your product samples, who and how to target and of course how much does this all cost, both in time and money? In our experience we”ve put together samples in quantities ranging from several thousand up too several million and have ensured the cost for putting the actual product together (hand finishing) both in time and money was kept to an absolute minimum for the client.

It”s really interesting to find out where these samples come from, pokies online who puts them together and where they end up, often it”s gifting on magazines or handed out at public events/areas, each client is aiming to deliver their brand and product to their targetted audience with the aim of increasing sales and brand awareness, but when it comes to the actual logistics of “who is going to stick 500,000 labels to the front of these things?” and “how much will it cost?” the answers often begin with a Google search or if you”re lucky you”ll have a reputable company in your little black book to call, either way it”s often a minefield of logistical planning just to get the sampling work out there and almost all of the recepients, the general public will have no idea of the deadlines, schedules, workload etc that”s gone into getting that brand and sample in their hands!

If you have any questions regards Product Sampling or any other Hand Finishing work, then please do feel free to contact us, details on this website, we”re here to help.

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Hand Finishing and Packing

Events are expertly planned and it”s often the case that you will need everything in place many months in advance, with work to be completed by exact deadlines.   When it comes to working on your goody/gift bags just some of the things to consider is where to source the content from, what packaging to use, who will put it all together and in what order, how will it look and will it all arrive on time etc?

Your goody bag is often either a 1st impression or a parting impression of your event and therefore it has to be right, if they arrive with items missing, packed incorrectly or any other defect, then it”s not something that can be put right in time, so it”s crucial you have confidence in the process you have put in place, not to mention have it all fall within budget!

One of the many tasks is getting the often complicated process of collating all the information together on how to ensure your “Goody Befitting best online casino roulette in Europe and UK, we have been endorsed by regulatory bodies and fairness accreditation – Lotteries and Gaming Authority – and offer a significant sign up online casino roulette bonus to keep your euro live casino roulette spirit intact. Bags” arrives on time, within budget and in the exact way you want them.

Here at Peterborough Finishing  & Mailing Services we are experts at handling this type of Finishing work, our expertise is in taking lots of different items, from lots of different suppliers and hand packing them into goody / event bags. We are used to multiple batch consignments being delivered and stored in the factory, allowing us to create your goody bags, once all the items are available. A recent example of this is where we collated 29 different items and packed them into a goody bag for a major media publisher for one of their events; all were packed in order, on time and within budget. We can even store them in our warehouse until you need to use them which often removes another question of, where am I going to store these until the event?

Organisation and continuity are key ingredients with Event Management that”s why we at Peterborough Finishing Services assign each client with a dedicated Account Manager, who will provide you with a consistent single point of contact; removing another event management hassle.

So how do you produce a goody bag for your event that falls within budget and is handled most efficiently?

Planning, as with everything is key, if you can ensure the packaging  and delivery of your goody bag falls within budget and also be assured that the people putting the product together are experts and won”t let you down, you are well on your way to ticking off another “To Do” from the endless list that is Event Management.

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Metal Hammer magazine wanted to look different on a congested retail merchandising shelf. A high quality full colour lenticular mount  would provide a high impact cover.

Magazine without lenticular mount applied

Magazine without lenticular mount applied

The magazine was printed with a blank front cover – with printing just at the edge of the page

Lenticular mount supplied seperately

Lenticular mount supplied separately

The lenticular covers were supplied in bulk separately and stored until the magazine was printed.
Glue being applied by hand to the Lenticular mount magazine cover

Glue being applied by hand to the Lenticular mount magazine cover


Lenticular mount carefully located on magazine front cover before being secured

Lenticular mount carefully pressed down to secure bonding

Lenticular mount carefully pressed down to secure bonding

Each of the lenticular covers was applied by hand. The lenticular cover was secured in place with two strips of  glue applied by hand using a roller gun, creating a very secure bond. The mount was pressed down by hand to ensure it looked part of the magazine.

Magazine with lenticular mount <a href= bonded to the front cover” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Magazine with lenticular mount bonded to the front cover

Once applied the front cover looked an intrinsic part of the magazine.

Final operation was the hand packing of a mouse mat, magnet and magazine into a clear sleeve

Final operation was the hand packing of a mouse mat, magnet and magazine into a clear sleeve

The final operation was adding the extra items to the magazine. A promotional mouse mat was hot melted  to the back of the magazine and fridge magnet was hot dotted to the mouse mat. The product was now ready to be bulk wrapped, palletised and shipped for distribution.

The mounting of the lenticular cover onto the front of the magazine, demonstrates a typical hand placing project for Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services where the hand placement provides additional value to the client.

For further information on the hand packing capabilities of Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services call Catherine or Katie on 01733 882564 or visit

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Over 19,000 goody bags which included 8 items have recently been packed by Premier Finishing Services on behalf of a major publication company. The promotional goody bags will be given to visitors at the Goodwood festival of speed. For more information on goody bags call Jane or Katie on 01733 261821 or visit

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A recent trade pet show wanted a goody bag producing that would have 5 samples inserted. The items were all delivered by separate suppliers and securely stored. Once all items had been collated online casino australia they were hand assembled to create a pet goody bag. For more wow gold kaufen details on how promotional goody bags can be created quickly and efficiently call Jane at Premier Finishing Services on 01733 261821 or visit the website

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Plastic sleeves have been used for a long time to protect magazines / publications that will have added value items supplied with them. A new environmentally friendly trend has been to use an outer cardboard wallets to hold the magazine and promotional CD. pokies online The new system is both secure, environmentally friendly and looks fantastic. For more information call Jane on 01733 261821 or check out the website

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