Folding and Assembly

Sometimes the only way to get something made or assembled is through hand assembly. Our experienced team are capable of accurately and quickly folding and assembling unique assemblies.

Below are some of the folding and assembly operations completed by Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services

seed magazine folded
Magazine folded so that promotional item displayed correctly
After having a promotional pack of seeds stuck to the front cover the magazine was folded before being inserted into a clear plastic bag.
300 box folding
Flatpacked cardboard box assembled to allow insertion of promotional sample
Cardboard pack supplied flat packed, this item was then folded and assembled prior to the promotional item being inserted. We are able to hand fold and assemble all types of promotional card or paper device.
300 cardboard outer items being inserted
Cardboard outer folder assembled to allow magazine and promotional items to be inserted
Cardboard magazine outer folded and then CD and magazine inserted. the cardboard outer was then adhesively sealed.
300 corner highlight tage for paper folded
High impact card attachment assembled and fitted onto corner of publication
Publication with corner promotional attachment. The corner unit was supplied flat and then assembled and glued prior to fitting on the correct pages of the publication. The publication was then folded.

For more information on folding and assembly call 01733 261821 to talk to Catherine or Katie or