Inserting and Collating single / multiple items

From inserting items into packs, items into bags or inserting items into bags the hand packing capabilities of Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services mean that we can meet all volume and technical requirements. We can also poly band and paper band publications, postcards or boxes. Some examples of insertion and collating work we have completed are shown below.

300 inserting hand packing into sleeve2
Hand collating five irregular objects and inserting into sleeve
Inserting a range of 5 promotional items including a magazine into a plastic sleeve
300 collating 3 publications and bagging take mags and place in sleeve 3
Hand collation of 3 publications and inserting into clear plastic sleeve
Collating and Inserting a number of publications and direct mail inserts
300 cardboard outer items being inserted
Magazine inserted into a cardboard wallet that had been previously hand assembled
Making up of card wallet and then inserting magazine and promotional CD
paper band fhm
Wrap around paper banding inserted into specific pages within the publication
Wrap around paper banding to showcase promotional message

For more information on inserting and collating single or multiple items call 01733 882564 to talk to Catherine or Katie or