Promotion & Point of Sale Assembly and Production

Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services provide hand assembly to point of sale material. This can involve our sticking, folding, placing or assembling components from printed devices to wobblers.

Below you will find some examples of point of sale work we have completed. if you have any requirements or would like to discuss your project to see if we can complete it faster and more cost effectively then please call our technical team on 01733 882564 0r

tin with promotional sticker applied
Promotional stickers can be applied to virtually any product, tin, pack, carton or box
We can apply stickers accurately to specific areas of a publication or product

Wobblers can provide a great method of showing a promotional message, but typically require hand assembly. Peterborough Finishing & Mailing Services take front and back promotional cards and join the two with a plastic wobbler.