Polywrapping and Polybagging To Protect Your Mailing Item in Transit

Polywrapped or polybagged one and the same process.

Polywrapping A4 Brochure with Insert
Polywrapping A4 Brochure with Insert
Collating Polywrapped Items For Postage
Items Being Mailsorted For Posting

You have brochures, promotional or sales material.

You want to add personalised letter and promo sheet.
You want to  add a carrier sheet on which will be printed the personalised information.

All of this needs to be placed in a polybag to keep it together and make sure that when its mailed it arrives at the recipient in perfect condition. This is where polywrapping provides the perfect approach.

Why Polywrapping is ideal for mailings

  • Immediate impact to the recipient – the brochure, catalogue, newsletter or sales material is visible
  • Your contents will arrive in perfect condition – the polywrapping should protect the contents and keep them clean and dry as they progress through the postal system
  • Multiple inserts or leaflets can be placed in loose with the brochure or magazine
  • Removes the need for printing a branded / co-ordinated envelope
  • Even if the contents are many and varied a specification of polywrapping can be provided that will be strong enough
  • Clear polybags allow you to see the contents, printed bags or bags of various colours can be provided if this will create a greater impact

For more information on polywrapping or to get a quote please call Catherine or Katie on 01733 882564 or e mail info@pfms-online.co.uk