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Peterborough Finishing and Mailing Services Storage Facilities

Storage Pallet Locations Peterborough
Storage facility, when you have high volume multiple items
Storage Facility With Over 3000 Pallet Locations
24 / 7 security, Pick and Pack, On line Stock Management

We know with fulfilment and mailing how difficult a logistical exercise it can be to ensure all the products are in the right place at the right time. To help in the process Peterborough Mailing and Finishing Services are able to offer a comprehensive short , medium or long term storage solution.

Our Storage facility offers over 3000 pallet locations

  • 24:7 security – to gaurantee your goods are safe
  • Online management system – when the warehouse is full we can retrieve your goods quickly and efficiently
  • Pick and pack
  • Container de stuffing – We can handle container arrivals and ensuring the goods are stored in the condition they arrive with us
  • Pallet per week options – provides a convenient storage option. Sometimes its better to have the product with us for packing / fulfilment than leaving it to the last minute, findingthe delivery is delayed and more importantly that important time critical mailing is delayed
  • Low cost rate from £1.50 /week/pallet
  • Weekly stock lists
  • Overnight samples

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